DemoCamp Toronto

The always popular DemoCamp is again sold out, hopefully you grabbed a spot before all the tickets were gone! The big night is tonight and it has shaped up to be a fantastic event yet again. At the helm of DemoCamp are the DemoCamp Stewards, namely David Crow, Greg Wilson, Jay Goldman, Joey deVilla and our very own Leila Boujnane.

democamp.gifWhat is DemoCamp you ask?

DemoCamp is a great, free (!) social event for entrepreneurs, designers, developers and technology enthusiasts where participants sign up to demonstrate software they have been working on, or to give a presentation with the goal to inspire, educate or challenge the audience.

DemoCamp is also trial by fire with five minutes on the hot seat for the lucky folks selected to demo to a room full of eager techies ready to pepper the presenters with tons of questions and feedback. And that’s just a demo! If you’ve got the moxie to give it a go, the “ignite” presentation is 5 minutes of presenting with 20 power-point slides x 15/seconds per slide and the presenter does not have control over the slide advancement. Go, go gadget brain!

The action happens Tuesday, July 15th at a great spot called Supermarket, located at 268 Augusta Ave here in good ol’ Toronto.

What’s this about free?

Indeed! Thanks to the generous sponsorship from the folks below, and excellent organization by the team behind DemoCamp, it is entirely free! Who helped make DemoCamp possible?

Don’t forget to check back later in the week for photos!


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