Help A Reporter Out (and help yourself out too)

Peter Shankman has a good thing going.

His recently launched Help A Reporter Out is a service that connects reporters with sources. HARO started out as a small facebook group with fewer than a thousand members; now it has grown to a very loyal following of more than 16,000.

HARO’s strength is in its simplicity. Each day I receive three emails. Even if Shankman is jet-setting around the world for an interview, rocking out at the George Michael concert, running a marathon or skydiving, the emails still make it to my “things you must read” folder.

Each email has queries from reporters looking for sources on a wide variety of subjects. From the serious (looking for cloud computing users) to the wacky (pet-friendly haunted hotels) the HARO query lists certainly offer something for everyone and folks are getting pretty excited about what Shankman is up to.

There are usually anywhere between 10 and 30 queries per email, organized so you can read all of them in about five seconds. If any work for you, simply scroll down to learn a bit more then email the reporter with your details and why you’re an expert. Done.

Shankman’s tag-line for HARO is “everyone is an expert on something” and he’s right. If you see a query you can answer, you go for it.

It’s that incredibly simple. Like most brilliant things are.

Oh yeah – and it’s all free.

Sources can sign up here or if you’re a journalist and want to submit a query you can submit it here.




Great post. Everybody’s looking for publicity these days and Shankman does an excellent job at connecting reporters to industry experts. I’ve been a member of HARO for a while and I know it to be entertaining AND useful.

Ben Lucier Jul 23 08 at 12:50 pm

I read your article on (HARO) Help A Reporter Out. I created a video on the subject and I thought I would send it. Here is a rendition or a You Tube version that you can share with your readers and even embed in your blog. Each give you code to do just that.


Bridgette Mongeon

Bridgette Mongeon Jul 30 08 at 9:43 am

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