O’Reilly shares over 100 OSCon presentations

Check out the more than 100 presentations from O’Reilly’s recent open source convention. We are big users of open source software here at Idée and think it’s great that the good folks at O’Reilly are sharing the bulk of the presentations from July’s event.

Some topics that piqued our interest:

– Alex Martelli from Google talks Code Reviews for Fun and Profit

People for Geeks presented by the team of Michael Schwern (Schwerniverse), Selena Deckelmann (PostgreSQL Project), Brian Fitzpatrick (Google), Ben Collins-Sussman (Google Inc.), Andy Lester (Perlbuzz.com), Kirrily Robert (Metaweb)

– Mozilla’s Clint Talbert and Carsten Book present Fixing Hard Problems Through Iterative QA and Development

– Steven Ellis (OpenMedia Limited) on Trac: Project and Process Management for Developers and Sys Admins


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