Thomson Reuters CEO Tom Glocer on the future of news

One of the interesting interviews from The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference in May was Kara Swisher‘s chat with Thomson Reuters CEO Tom Glocer (he’s also a gadget geek, Apple iPhone lover and blogger too).

Glocer talks about monetize content in a world in which content is free, how the news is changing, citizen journalism and more.  Tech Trader Daily has more from this interview too.

Some highlights:

On the news business – I’ve been a big advocate of opening the doors and make it one long continuum between citizen journalist and somebody who might be on staff at 20 years publishing at Reuters. Scary time to be in the traditional news business, but fantastic for the agency world. Our agency business growing 5%-10% a year for the past few years. It’s 3% of the total company’s revenues.

On distributing user-generated content – Glocer finds the idea of Reuters becoming the biggest distributor of user-generated content interesting, noting that there’s a lot to be said for using the Reuters brand to vouch for citizen bloggers.

On emerging markets – sometimes you need to go very low tech. In India, delivering crop prices from local markets and weather reports to cell phones for India persistence farmers. In phase two, we will let them contract – sell – over the phone. Solving the same need that Reuters has served for decades, achieving price discovery. You can’t wheel out the Amazon cloud into rural India.


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