Seeing more than double!

Derek has a great little article about TinEye and the future of image recognition driven search over at About the Image. Since the launch of TinEye I have been keeping an eye out for images that I constantly see being used in outreach and marketing campaigns and I have noticed quite a few Everywhere Girls. I am very tempted to start a TinEye tracker just for business women with glasses or a girl blowing a dandelion used in the world of advertising. I am sure it would make for a few entertaining blog posts!

Derek’s article reminds me of Emily Steel’s article in the Wall Street Journal: When Marketers See Double.

TinEye is gaming changing, not only because it is a reverse image search engine: ie you give it an image as a search input to start your image search, but because it is the first search engine to allow you to actually see how an image is being used. It drives home the notion of image accountability and integrity.

[to be continued]


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I’m Derek, but not the writer of the great little article. I’m the one who keeps bugging you about updating the index. Any idea when it will be updated?? :-)

Derek Apr 09 09 at 6:25 pm

Hey, it looks like the master database of picture images hasn’t grown in a few months now. Maybe you need additional help to categorize more images? I’m sure people like me would be happy to help out, if you had a client app/applet to go to a site, download each picture, run your algorithm, then report the results back TinEye.

I love TinEye, but in order for it to be truly useful, the database of pictures must keep expanding. I want to help to do that, and I’m sure others would also.

Mark Apr 09 09 at 8:59 pm

Game changing yeah maybe, but it also destroyed the possibility of playing plenty of games on internet forums, like “who is this guy”, “what is this monument”, “what plane is that”, etc …

A shame really ! :(

an691 May 03 09 at 4:43 pm

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