Google + colour searching

Well it is about time that the Google folks mimicked the Canadian search giants – yes, that’s us! Google introduced colour search to image searching. Nice. Of course it will be awesome! Still no multicolour on Google but you can try a simple hack to get the poor man’s multicolour on Google: search for a colour using a keyword (for example blue sky) and pick a different colour from the drop down. Voila! No great image search results but hey it is a start…

Now if you want the play with the real deal in multicolour searching head over to the Idée lab!

Love how a blog post on LifeHacker about Google’s colour search moves into a full discussion of Idée’s technologies namely: TinEye and Multicolor search. Fun times in the Ideeplex!


BROWSE / IN Idee Inc Image Recognition Multicolr TinEye


You can actually search for multiple colors in Google Images. You can either hack the parameters (e.g. imgcolor=blue,red), or use this interface:

Philipp Lenssen Apr 09 09 at 1:14 pm

it’s a usefull tool. will plan to make a desktop or a plugin for photoshop gimp etc or only web?

Anselmo Battisti Apr 22 09 at 7:35 am

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