HackTO2: It is a wrap! Until next time.

Another successful HackTO has come and gone; we hope you had as much fun attending as we did hosting! There was so much talent packed into the ideeplex, I’m surprised zombies couldn’t smell the steaming brains from miles away.

Many of you have put your completed HackTO projects online, and I have included links to those projects here to share with the rest of the HackTO gang. If your project is missing from this post, please drop us a line and we’ll add it.

Nom Nom Nom Rank (Winner: First Place)

By: Adam McKerlieAsh Christopher and Terence Lo

Using: Yellow Pages API, Google Weather API, and the Foursquare API

Description: Most work places in dense urban areas are surrounded by plenty of restaurants.  With too many options, lunch decision paralysis is a very real problem.  With “Nom Nom Nom Rank“, we rank the restaurants and determine your best choice based on predefined metrics such as weather, popularity and how busy the location is.

Note: Their domain was just registered, so the link may not work right away. Follow Nom Nom Nom Rank on Twitter

Fun Thing (Winner: Second Place)

By: Logan Aube

Using: Cadmus API

Description: Fun Thing is a Small Platformer that uses the Cadmus API to  turn HackTO’s Twitter feed into a cool level of a game!

Note: After you click play you’ll probably need to click the screen again to get the controls working! Left, Right and Space to Jump. Catch the icons of your friends to invert the screen’s colours but also to gain points! If you stay on a tweet for too long it will start to fall.

wp-instapaywall (Winner: Third Place)

By: Mo Jangda

Using: Freshbooks API

Description: Mo has written up an awesome post about his project on his blog! In its simplest form, the plugin lets you paywall your blog posts and make money by charging readers for full access to them.

Jira (Honourable Mention)

By: Jason Cornell, Igor Frenkel, Ricardo Peters and Ashley Lewis

Using: PixMatch API and ISBNdb API

Description: Jira is an iPhone application that allows you to upload a photo of a book cover and using the PixMatch API, return the ISBN and book cover of the book. Then by using the ISBNdb API, it returns the book title, author, publisher, and stores with prices. You can then select one of the stores and go directly to the website for purchase.

Note: Visit this project using your iPhone — requires the Quickpic application

Cash $oup! WTF?

By: Peter Vernigorov and Khurram Virani

Using: OANDA/FxTrade API

Description: Cash $oup! WTF? uses the HTML5 canvas and the Processing.js framework to draw floating organisms in a Primordial soup where each organism represents a currency exchange rate. The organisms grow and shrink in real time to reflect real time foreign exchange rates pulled from OANDA’s FxTrade API.

Note: The demo points to the development server so the rates being used are not current. The github repo is here.


By: Anita Kuno and Johnny Tong

Using: OANDA/FxTrade API

Description: currency_bot is a twitter bot announcing the value of one Canadian dollar in other currencies.

Media Gorge

By: Simon SouthAlexa Clark and Gerry Thorpe

Description: 4square for media – check in for books, movies, music, etc.

Multi-currency time tracker

By Brian Smith

Using: OANDA/FxTrade API and Freshbooks API

Description: Multi-currency time tracker is a tool which tracks time for billing in multiple currencies, then
submits it to Freshbooks.

Note: The Freshbooks functionality no longer works, but Brian will leave the OANDA stuff up as long as their API stays the same.

Trend-Blaster 3000

By Nick Hoffman and Sully Syed

Using: OANDA/FxTrade API

Description: Trend-Blaster 3000 plots a currency’s value over the course of a year on a graph. By zooming in on sections of the graph and clicking on data points, New York Times articles for that time period are listed below. Using this information, it is possible to draw conclusions regarding the fluctuations in the currency.

Tyke Tycoon

By: Matt Okura, Melina Stathopoulos and Martine Vong

Using: OANDA/FxTrade API, Yellw Pages API and Google Maps API

Description: Tyke Tycoon is a children’s game prototype for mobile touch screen devices. It lets kids track the money they find or receive (how much and where), shows them where the nearest bank is, and shows them how much their money is worth in various international currencies.

Note: The currency conversion has been removed from this project as it no longer connects to OANDA

Thanks to all the folks who submitted project information for this post. Once again, if we are missing your project info, please let us know!

We’ll be posting photos soon as well, so if you have any of your own photos that you would like featured on the site do drop us a line or simply upload them to Flickr and tag them HackTO

We hope you enjoyed HackTO2, and keep on hackin’!


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