TinEye Chrome extension: Right-click functionality is here!

Simply right-click an image to search using the Chrome extension.

If you are a TinEye fan and a Chrome user, you have probably been waiting for this update! The TinEye extension for Chrome now supports right-click functionality.

This means that instead of clicking the TinEye button in your Chrome toolbar to select a web image to be searched, you can simply right-click on any web image and select “Search Image on TinEye” from Chrome’s new right-click context menu.

Much easier!

Get the new version of the TinEye extension for Chrome, or grab the extension for FirefoxSafari or Internet Explorer if you haven’t already!

UPDATE: If you would like the old version of the Chrome extension which uses the toolbar button and popup window, you can get that, too.




I wondered where the box in the upper right corner was, but then I right-clicked on the picture (to copy the image adress and then do it “manually”), and I saw the new function! So great :)

Lukas Pedersen Oct 05 10 at 5:59 pm

Hey Lukas: awesome. We love to enchant our fans! Happy searching.

Leila Boujnane Oct 05 10 at 6:37 pm

Yes, well, the right-click option is fine in principle. But many websites disable right-click functionality. No good at all. Can we have the toolbar button back as well, please?

Roger Oct 08 10 at 7:14 am

Hi Roger. You may be pleased to know that we have released two versions of the TinEye extension for Chrome:

* The new extension which uses the context menu
* The old extension which uses a button and popup

Thanks for your feedback. Enjoy!

Melina Stathopoulos Oct 15 10 at 11:07 am

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