2B. 2B. 2B.

I am sure that our TinEye fans already noticed that we crossed our 2 billion image goal. We have been so busy we did not see the numbers flip! We added close to 25 million images to the TinEye index, bringing our index to 2,013,406,246! We will be celebrating in the ideeplex with some awesome table tennis – the team is competitive – and great beers and tacos! But don’t worry, we will be planning a 2 billion TinEye image party very soon. And you are invited!

We are also working on our TinEye Image Contributor beta. This is an XML based protocol that will allow webmasters to create a TinEye readable XML imagemap for their content. Stay tuned for details on Monday. We are excited about this release as it will allow image centric websites to point us to their content to add to the TinEye index. Our goal as always is to make sure that each image out there is linked to its creator.

In the meantime: happy searching! And don’t forget to check out our TinEye product blog for the latest news.

[Photograph (c) Kevin Dooley]


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